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This website is deemed safe. It is protected by ithemes Security Pro and is scanned at frequent intervals and undergoes regular updates to maintain its compliance and integrity. However, the responsibility of safe browsing and use of this website including links to third-party sites lies with you as the user. As such you are expected to have taken the appropriate steps to secure your device and software with the installation of appropriate security software. Therefore, in the unlikely event, HRActive cannot be held liable for any loss or misuse of personal information, any financial loss, or any corruption to software or damage to devices as a result of using this site.

Submitting of Information.
We do not pass any information submitted through this website to any third party/parties unless it is necessary for any enquiry you have made to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Please Note: We use third-parties to automatically process the forms completed and submitted through this website. This for the sole purpose of monitoring the enquiries to ensure the form/s reach us and is/are working and to protect us from spamming. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for full details.

We deem the use of the forms on this website as safe. However, we do not accept liability for the misuse of any data by any third-party that is submitted through this website. If you therefore have any reservations you should instead either email us directly or contact us by telephone during our opening hours.

Tel: 01484 766019

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All text is copyright of HRActive unless provided by a subscribed user to the website or one of its suppliers. Third party text will be followed by an acknowledgement or will be fully referenced.

HRActive cannot be held liable for any legal action taken by third parties for breach of copyright as a result of the reproduction of text without prior written agreement.

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